About Helen

I'm thrilled that you'd like to hear a little more about me and how I can help you. 

My story may be familiar to you.

I've experienced (amongst many things) dysfunctional relationships, addictions and adrenal fatigue. I've been in a very dark place, feeling lost and isolated. I've experienced being a single parent, feeling responsible for everything and everyone and only able to make it through one day at a time. I'm an expert when it comes to overwhelm and procrastination! I've been there, done that and come through the other side.

One of the things that saved my life was having a coach, not a therapist, but a coach who was able to show me and guide me on the path to rediscovering me, and in finding my way again.

For over 12 years I've gained many holistic skills to assist myself as well as my children and family, and to transform our lives for the better. In fact I've completely reinvented my life. 

Yes I've got qualifications, such as Coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), various Energy Healing modalities, Yoga, Nutrition and more.

What this means is that I've got a really massive, awesome toolkit that I know can help you get to where it is that you want to be from where you are now. 

I work with clients locally within Western Australia, nationally and internationally through awesome modern technology such as Zoom and Skype (as well as telephone!).  So whether you live in Australia, UK or the North Pole, as long as you have access to a phone line we can work together.

While I always had an interest holistic wellness, I went "off my path" during my twenties. After getting a Mathematics degree (despite not being the typical Maths-personality-type) I worked as an Applications Consultant within the Engineering sector in England, got married and then moved to Australia, continuing to work with Systems and Applications (this was my "safe" job to balance my kinda-crazy personal life). While this area of work wasn’t my passion, I did learn some great (and very useful) skills which I utilise in the the transformation work I do today.
My passion is to support you in living a VIBRANT LIFE.
So if you’d like some help to get you unstuck and moving forward then that’s awesome! There’s a bunch of resources here. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you.

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Complimentary Session

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"It was absolutely brilliant working with Helen Airey. Despite years of co-dependency recovery, counselling and self-help activities, I had never had the real breakthrough that I achieved with the tapping and Money map sessions that Helen gave me throughout our time together. Helen hit on many concepts that were new to me, like my poverty mindset and the unresolved emotions from my traumatic upbringing.  She lovingly guided me through my emotions and processes, always holding a space that felt comfortable and safe.

"Since working together I have experienced changes in my belief around who I am. I truly have more love and self-compassion from a better understanding of myself.  I feel I have had a shift in how I perceive myself and the emotions that come up when I share my story.

"Now, I can talk about my upbringing without crying. I have a deeper love and understanding of my parents. I now am able to visit my parents more often without the fear or being triggered. I have worked through so much emotion!"

Kate - Nurse

"Helen is an amazing Coach and mentor. She has helped me to take positive steps
towards improving my health and well being by looking at my physical, emotional
and spiritual needs. Her coaching has allowed me to remove blocks to make the
changes I need in my life, in a way that feels safe and fully supported.

"Helen is inspirational, as she authentically lives her own life by the principles of
balance between the mind, body and soul. She is passionate about health and well
being and is a living example of its benefits. I would recommend Helen to anyone who is ready to make changes to feel more energetic and alive."

Lisa - Business Coach

"Helen Airey has the ability to help transform your life that you are longing for!

Helen totally focuses on your issue/goal & gives an accurate holistic assessment picking up on the clients subtle language and redirects those spoken words in a way that you can process, giving you strength&courage to move through those blocks with clarity during her sessions.. Helen's wisdom and knowledge is a blessing to those who are seeking help in all areas of their live on an emotional, mental or spiritual level.

I highly recommend Helen from the bottom of my heart."

Myriam - Kinesiologist

"Helen is empathetic, supportive and an amazing coach. Her methods to assist my development, is in the manner that suits the individual, rather than a one-size-fits-all. She is sensitive to your needs for growth and provides a feeling of safety and security. I know there is more releasing of blockages and development for me to do; and commencing the journey with Helen has been serendipitous. Gratitude to Helen for the start."

Inaya - Nurse

"Helen understood exactly what I needed. I was able to release my built up emotions which has stopped me from reacting in day to day scenarios."

Lewis - Student

"Helen is a gifted Transformation Life Coach, she has helped me and other people in my life overcome stress and move forward in life."

Cameron - Art Expert