Energy & Transformation Specialist

Helen helps women to experience freedom in their life, 

creating wealth in all aspects from relationships to money.

With 15 years’ experience within the world of Personal Development, Helen is an expert in working with your Inner World to provide lasting changes in your Outer World.

She has a proven system which focuses on breaking through your specific blocks around success and wealth and connecting more fully with your true self and life purpose.

No matter what’s happened in the past, there is a way to transform to a more positive future.

Helen works with women who are perhaps feeling:

  • restless and irritable,
  • worried about the future or
  • falling into scarcity and
  • unsure about what they really want.

Helen has experience working with extreme fatigue, addictions, relationship blocks and broken families.

These can all impact on your self-belief and your ability to attract and deserve wealth. 

Clear the Resistance, 

Find the Truth and 

Begin your Abundant Life

When you clear your resistance, you can tap into your True Self and experience an up-levelling in every aspect of your life. This creates a ripple effect, impacting the Whole World.

My passion is to support you in creating and living YOUR IDEAL LIFE.

Connect with me and find out how you too can create a Radically New Future