Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping

An Introduction to "Tapping" (also called EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique)

Tapping, or EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, is one of the most powerful mind-body tools. Period. It is FAST and makes MEASURABLE change, shifting you out of a place that is keeping you stuck to a place where you feel open and enthusiastic and you can move forward.

Tapping helps to

  • CALM the nervous system
  • REWIRE the brain to respond in healthier ways, and also to
  • RESTORE the body’s balance of energy

Science, research and studies prove that TAPPING WORKS!

A lot of my clients are amazing, talented, hard-working people who really want to make a difference in the world, but they’re stuck in one particular area and that is often their lifestyle, their self-confidence or it's related to their overall success. And so one of the modalities I use is tapping to clear their blocks that they actually have to optimum health, to feel joy, to success, and also to pieces of their personal power because those are so connected to Health and Wealth.

Tapping is VERY simple. All you need are your fingertips which we use to tap on acupuncture points on our hands and our face. There are many acupuncture points all over the body but we use these ones mainly because they’re easy to reach. By tapping on these acupuncture points we interact with the nervous system and that’s where the mind-body connection comes in (because you have a mind-body reaction in all the things that keep you stuck.)

My first experience of tapping was over 15 years ago. I was introduced to it by psychologist and I was at a real low point in my life, in fact I was so stressed and hurt I couldn’t eat much and was actually underweight (and let me tell you, I love food!) This guy Frank showed me Tapping and it really did work to bring down my stress levels.  I don’t remember if I saw Frank again after that session but I kept my notes and practised a little bit at home, but I didn’t incorporate it into my life regularly at that point.

Around 4 years ago my Kinesiologist suggested that Tapping would be useful for me, and I halfheartedly started doing it again, not really committing to it. I didn’t honestly believe how something so simple could work so well! Then my Reiki Master (who’s also a coach) brought it up. We started doing some daily tapping together and because I had a "tapping buddy" who I was accountable to, I actually did it daily and found, even with the short generic scripts, to be useful.

I’ve since studied tapping formally and been utilising it in a much deeper way. What I found with myself and with my clients is that pain is released within a few minutes, emotions are reduced, people who were (understandably) stuck in their sympathetic part of their nervous system, their fight/flight/freeze response, became calm and clear within a very short period of time.

And through the coaching that I do I found that we’re also able to reprogram our limiting beliefs as well as get to core issues, get to those things that are holding us back. Most of us know what we want to change. whether it’s improving our health, following our dreams, being able to switch careers to something more fulfilling, make more money, or to improve our relationships (especially with our Self), but in order to do these things I’ve found that you’ve got to go to the core and to clean up the stuff from the past.

Tapping was discovered in 1979 by Dr Roger Callahan, and then modified into its current form by Gary Craig, and what’s exciting about the research coming out about Tapping is that when we tap on these acupuncture points while focusing on the stress, the challenge, whatever’s going on in our lives that we’re trying to overcome, we actually send a calming signal to the amygdala in the brain. Some of you might be familiar with the amygdala as the fight, flight or freeze response setter. It’s a part of our brain that stresses out! It’s the part of our brain that when we get a message from our ex, or we open the latest utility bill, we just lock up. It’s the part that encodes these negative experiences so they keep holding us back.

We talk a lot about stress. Everyone’s stressed! That pattern of stress, especially the repetitive stress that’s happening again and again, is draining our bodies, our physical resources. Every time we’re stressed that cortisol starts streaming through the body. The blood flows away from our fore-brain and into the muscles of our arms and legs because the body thinks it’s in danger. When the amygdala fired that fight/flight/freeze response activates, the body thinks “I’m not safe.” And this goes back to when we needed to run from that sabre tooth tiger hiding behind the bushes. But the problem today is that we’re activating that very ancient mechanism all the time. When we open that utility bill, when we look at our statement and it doesn’t feel safe, we’re activating that response. And since the blood flows away from the brain into the muscles, we don’t have the capacity to think clearly! So all our resources, all our creativity, the things that we need in that moment to come up with a better solution, an idea, show compassion, whatever is needed, they're gone. We can only feel those qualities when the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, when we’re calm, not when we’re in that fight/flight/freeze response.

So what I’ve found and believe to be true is that when we deconstruct what’s going on to the core, there’s that amygdala firing. Have a think about when you get your best ideas. Is it when you’re out in nature, having a relaxing bath or shower (or having some peace in the bathroom?!) For me, I get so many ideas when I’m zoned out having a massage, or resting in bed before getting up the morning, or after meditation. 

When we Tap we’re doing 2 things:

  1. We’re calming the nervous system so that the amygdala is no longer firing and we’re able to have ideas which can help us with whatever challenge or issue we’re facing.
  2. We’re reconditioning ourselves. When that stress response that comes up so quickly in response to the triggering thought such as “I can’t believe I did that again!”, we dig deeper and uncover what is keeping you stuck. After uncovering and "releasing" what's keeping you stuck, we bring in new healthier thoughts and beliefs, creating new neural pathways within the brain.

It may seem too good to be true, and I've met many sceptics! However.... Tapping works whether you believe it or not. 

Isn't that great news!

The Science of Tapping

How to Tap

How to Tap (EFT) from Helen Airey on Vimeo.