Freedom Formula

Take the 12 week Transformational Journay

Break through to a new level of abundance,

even if you have tried to before and it hasn’t worked …

Join Helen for a powerful 12 week transformational journey so you can pass through these times, with all your personal power, and a new level of consciousness about what you can attain in life.

Clear your energy centres, your old blocks and patterns

Activate your chakras to attract abundance and pleasure into your life

  1 Introduction training session (prerecorded)

  9 One-on-one Transformation sessions

7 Wealth Yoga™ sessions (prerecorded)

Using the special alchemy of 
Tapping into Wealth Manifestation and Wealth Yoga™ 

Does any of this resonate with you?

Do you have a special gift of caring about others, but in your life, you end up running on empty, giving everything and that reflects in your bank account too?

Do you want to have some of the love you pour out come back to you, without having to get into this game of emotional accountancy where you always feel you should give more time, more care, more love and money to others, than you can receive for yourself?

Are you tired of worrying about money, making up for it with overworking, going without, putting on a brave face while your friends seem to have it all – money, support, romantic relationships?

Are you sick and tired of working on yourself and you’re starting to feel there must really be something wrong with you, or there is something missing, because nothing much has changed?

Are you struggling to break free from an ugly dynamic in your marriage or relationships that keeps you broke, disempowered and relying on others?

Do you have a dream, but you get further and further away from it every day, wondering if it’s more of an illusion than a dream…

Imagine if you could achieve

Freedom, Abundance, Pleasure and Joy…

WITHOUT working on yourself all the time, and
WITHOUT adding to the struggle, or feeling worse about your situation.

Feel and be free to live life on your own terms

Earn good money from your unique passions and skills

Breakthrough to your ideal life in a counter-intuitive way, living abundantly so you can finally let go of the past and leave your old self behind

Open your magic door to freedom and abundance

Go from scarcity and stress from the life you are living now, to thriving in relationships, with money and possibility and changing things up, so you almost don’t recognise your old self

The Freedom Formula

I’ve helped so many people be able to achieve huge breakthroughs in their lives, with the freedom formula.

Inside my Freedom Formula program you’ll combine the magic of Tapping Into Wealth Manifestation and Wealth Yoga™.

I will guide you step-by-step through EXACTLY how to manifest the things you TRULY desire…

Instead of attracting more of the same…


The groundbreaking processes that blend EFT/tapping and chakra healing will help you uncover, heal and transform each chakra, so you can finally unlock your magnetic ability to manifest.

Here’s why this is important…

The number one stumbling block for good people is they try to change or look after others first. 

And that never works.

Your sacred codes to abundance are yours and yours only.

You can only share what you already have, so essentially you have been sharing yourself from an empty place. And if you share from an empty place, you will attract emptiness in others, which you’ll always be trying to fill up..

If you’re like most people, you know you deserve to be happy…

but you put other people’s needs before your own,

and start to think you don’t deserve happiness,

or even feel guilty to want personal happiness for yourself without making sure everyone else is happy first.

Our understanding of personal development HAS CHANGED.

What most of us have been told about freedom is COMPLETELY WRONG!

No one else has to change for you have freedom.
You can create more abundance, attract more money, have more love…
without having to put everyone around you through your ‘personal development’ workshop!

My name is Helen Airey, founder of Wealth Yoga™ and Transformation Coaching

For the past 13 years, I’ve been working deeply with heart centred wonderful people who often put their needs last, and end up last.. Without my help

My specialty is in helping good people get abundant WITHOUT feeling conflicted about wanting and desiring something special just for them.


YES, I struggled too!

I have always been a people pleaser doing what my conservative parents expected…

And yes I was a success in corporate, but on the inside I was without a healthy relationship, had no real abundance to speak of, even though I was well paid, and it felt like all my resources, my energy, my attention was outward focused to give me a sense of belonging and acceptance.

And if I am honest, it’s like on some level it felt almost like I needed permission to even breath fully into my tight and stressed body.

You can imagine what I was like with intimacy – all wound up, sabotaging great relationships, and not even knowing who I actually was.

And then there was a shift…

I went into rebellion and lost myself in the opposite direction giving away my power in a new way by having no boundaries and letting stronger more seductive personalities lead me away from me – and my centre.

What happened next … 

8 years and many long hard nights worrying about my child, my safety and my sanity, married to a partner who had habits which were destructive for all at the time…

I remember curled up on the bathroom floor, sobbing… it seemed never ending for a year or two, thinking about me, my son, our future.

I just had no idea how I could get out of the situation, how I could free myself, and essentially everyone, from the dynamic that was a nightmare.

I felt so lost and started living out of integrity with my values, which I justified in every way possible.

I could see my partner’s heart. 

He was (and is) a good person. I could see his pain…

But unfortunately that is the code in which good people get stuck, because their default it to let go of their freedom, if they see someone else in pain…

So I had to fight for my freedom…

And it was a fight I did for me, without needing anyone else to give me permission or needing anyone to make that choice for me, to have abundance and freedom exactly as I was …

Long story short, that relationship ended and so did the pain, the scarcity and the concern, and I am proud to say there is mostly harmony, understanding and respect in that relationship as we co-parent from a distance.


The turning point… for me

I decided to draw a line in the sand, set a deadline … for freedom
I decided to commit to my freedom and joy

And what happened next was rather unexpected…

My life changed FOREVER…

I saw the world in a completely new way – why some people seemed lucky and others not.
I felt free from other people’s expectations and demands. In fact, the whole energy around my relationships changed.
I made choices that supported my growth, as I discovered who I was and what I liked.
I found peace.
I “ACCIDENTALLY” discovered a formula that transformed my inner world, and in doing so, everything changed in my outer world – my health, my home, relationships with friends and family, my career.
The only pathway to lasting success is to

change YOUR energy to transform YOUR reality.

Stop using others as an excuse not to put yourself first.

Start drawing a line in the sand and decide that abundance is your destiny

How does it work?