Love Stories

 "...releasing some emotional baggage that was holding me back in many ways."

I am so grateful to Helen for her help and guidance in releasing some emotional baggage that was holding me back in many ways.

I had heard of EFT before, but never experienced it until I met Helen. I knew I had some ’stuck energy’, and none of the techniques I already knew were shifting it. I’m of the mind that we should "throw everything at it”, and it turned out EFT was the thing that made a huge difference in my energy.

Working with Helen is like having a chat with a really supportive friend who just ‘gets you’. We've talked through memories and situations in a light-hearted and easy way, it’s not confrontational or scary in any way. Uncovering and acknowledging the emotions and thoughts, expressing frustration and anger in fun ways, and allowing my ‘inner child’ to feel safe and secure have been some of the most amazing experiences during our calls.

Deirdre Amies - Money Mindset Coach & Mentor



 "...calmer, more confident, healthier and happier..."

I felt I was in a holding pattern, I felt ungrateful as I had so much great stuff in my world and yet I felt a bit stuck.

I had no idea what transformational coaching entailed and although I was a little dubious was willing to try it out.

The results were incredible. Using different modalities depending on the issue I need to tackle resulted in a calmer, more confident, healthier and happier me. I found I was setting boundaries with regards to where and with whom I spent my time and my focus for work and home changed for the better. I am still continuing to work with Helen towards achieving goals and continuing to feel freer every day. Thanks Helen

Nicola Sapsford - Founder, The Pink Book Club



"I have experienced changes in my belief around who I am. I truly have more love and self-compassion"

It was absolutely brilliant working with Helen Airey. Despite years of co-dependency recovery, counselling and self-help activities, I had never had the real breakthrough that I achieved with the tapping and Money map sessions that Helen gave me throughout our time together. Helen hit on many concepts that were new to me, like my poverty mindset and the unresolved emotions from my traumatic upbringing.  She lovingly guided me through my emotions and processes, always holding a space that felt comfortable and safe.

Since working together I have experienced changes in my belief around who I am. I truly have more love and self-compassion from a better understanding of myself.  I feel I have had a shift in how I perceive myself and the emotions that come up when I share my story.

Now, I can talk about my upbringing without crying. I have a deeper love and understanding of my parents. I now am able to visit my parents more often without the fear or being triggered. I have worked through so much emotion!

Kate - Nurse



"... allowed me to remove blocks to make the changes I need in my life, in a way that feels safe and fully supported."

Helen is an amazing Coach and mentor. She has helped me to take positive steps towards improving my health and well being by looking at my physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Her coaching has allowed me to remove blocks to make the changes I need in my life, in a way that feels safe and fully supported.

Helen is inspirational, as she authentically lives her own life by the principles of balance between the mind, body and soul. She is passionate about health and well being and is a living example of its benefits. I would recommend Helen to anyone who is ready to make changes to feel more energetic and alive.

Lisa - Optometrist and Business Coach



" transform the life that you are longing for!"

Helen Airey has the ability to help transform the life that you are longing for!

Helen totally focuses on your issue/goal & gives an accurate holistic assessment picking up on the clients subtle language and redirects those spoken words in a way that you can process, giving you strength and courage to move through those blocks with clarity during her sessions. Helen's wisdom and knowledge is a blessing to those who are seeking help in all areas of their live on an emotional, mental or spiritual level.

I highly recommend Helen from the bottom of my heart.

Myriam Zaggia - Body Wisdom Kinesiology


"...go deeply so quickly and uncover things that you've never known about yourself. I feel like I have completely transformed..."

An informal interview with my client Lauren...

Helen: We started working together a year ago, maybe a little more. Can you share with me the reason why you decided to start working with me?

Lauren: I have been a holistic therapist for a long time but I was always doing it more like as a hobby and I really had a lot of fears about earning enough income, so I was very stuck in my other job when really my heart was actually to step up and work differently. So I had fears around money and getting clients and actually whether or not I was really capable or good enough at it. So, I think it was just like, "Okay, this has got to a point where I need to do something about it" and it just felt like the answer that I needed. 

Helen: What did you notice? How did you find the processes that we did as we worked together? How was that for you, what was your experience?

Lauren: They are amazing. You really go deeply so quickly and uncover things that you'd never known about yourself. I feel like I have totally transformed. The way I look at life, there's been so many things that I would relate to the actual processes in the work that I've done over this time and I've really, really been able to step up in my own work and how i show up every day in the world. I do feel like it's total transformation. And what I found particularly about working with you is that you can really challenge me. So I feel held enough and safe enough and supported enough to go to places where I don't want to, and in fact you'd take me and I'd be "I don't want to go here" but actually it was all done and dusted so quickly. Afterwards I'd be "Oh my god! I can't believe I've just done that and I needed to do that" but you know that's always been my resistance is to not really go there. Yet somehow you can get in there and do that for me, and that's great. 

Helen: Yeah, I remember one time you gave me a call and there was something going on for you, you were asking for some testimonials and there was something coming up. I just remember having a short time-frame, and in that short time-frame we were just able to go where we needed to go...

Lauren: Yeah definitely, in fact the difference has been that sometimes when we've had more time and we've gone really deep, but at that particular time I rang you sort of on the spur, "I need your help!" I was actually about to be taking my own group coaching course through a series and yes I wanted to ask them for a testimonial and it was really triggering me. And I couldn't understand why I was so triggered. So I put that call out to you and within 5 minutes or so I'd really cleared it to the point where I got deep clarity on it, but I didn't go into a full blown meltdown about it because obviously I needed to have everything on board and ready to go for when I was with my own clients, and it was great. Actually I remember telling them that I'd actually been feeling quite triggered and vulnerable before we'd started, and so I was able to be really transparent and honest with them, and I think that's one of the things they loved about working with me. So it was so good and great to have you there able to get me through that. 

Helen: How has life changed for you compared to where you were at 12 months ago?

Lauren: So different! My business is at a tipping point now. I'm a registered nurse and have been all of my career, I've always had an interest in health and wellness. Now I'm actually only doing probably 8 shifts per month of nursing and the rest is all in my business, so a huge transition. I'm coaching clients, I have people signed up for my 12 month premium packages, and I'm doing group coaching... Everything's different. My financial picture is so different. But more than anything I just feel really financially free and secure whereas before, there was always those worries as to where the clients would come from, I had trouble asking for what I knew I was deserving, but I was having trouble just being able to ask clients...

Lauren - Holistic Therapist