Tap Into Wealth Yoga

Now is the time to get Out of your Head, 

Into your Body and

Connect with Abundance

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The more comfortable you get with your body, the more you empower yourself and your ability to manifest.

That deep trusting, innocence and resilience you discover when you release the tension and the stored emotions in your body.  Without this deeper work, you will continue to be in your head, worrying about the bills, the economy and everything else that is going on in the world.  

The sacred practice of yoga with guided meditations, and a clear understanding of what is holding you back, will help you embody the wealth that is on your sacred path.


Now is the time where you have almost no choice but to do the work on yourself that will bring forth pleasure, abundance, and the luxurious experience of deep satisfaction you get after yoga.


Move your hormones around the body

Move out of the lower survival chakras and awaken your heart, intuition and inspiration, for it is here, that wealth is waiting for you.


You are already whole. You are already deserving. You only need to get ready to receive.


And with the tender, gentle expertise of Helen, this practice is an opening to your abundant life.  She is an expert in uncovering the subconscious blocks holding you back from attracting and containing wealth.


Your Energy is Everything and it starts with

letting go on the mat and 

doing the inner work... 


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